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This is a community-managed repository for development and maintenance of customization scripts for Metafilter. Userscripts, styles, and bookmarklets are all welcome.

This repo is not run by or endorsed by Metafilter.


Mefites use a bunch of userscripts and tools built by community members. These are hard to keep up to date as the site evolves.

Often the original creator has moved on, and we end up with a bunch of individually-patched scripts that aren’t shared back to other users. This is a place to collect those group efforts and patches.

Can I safely install these scripts?

Caveat emptor. This is a collection of user-generated code that you run on your computer, with no endorsement from Metafilter itself or anyone else. Like other userscripts, there are no promises that code here is safe to run. In particular, malicious userscripts could act as you on the internet, and steal your login credentials or other personal data.

On the bright side, by collecting scripts here in one place they will hopefully be reviewed by more eyes, and any security problems can be corrected even after the original maintainers are gone. See below for how you can help out.

How do I contribute?

Who maintains this repo? (You do!)

Any active Mefite is welcome to become a committer (following the Liberal Contribution Policies philosophy from node.js). This will allow you to review and accept pull requests.

Code review: Being a committer does not impose any active obligation on you, but it would be great if you subscribed to updates and helped out with issues and pull requests.

Submitting code: Committers who write code should keep branches on their own forks, and send pull requests for review by another committer, rather than pushing directly to master. Force pushes are blocked.

Becoming a committer: This repo was started by john hadron collider. I can’t promise to act in any timely way on issues or pull requests. If you’re willing to help out, please send me a Memail with your github handle and I will add you.


All original contributions are copyright their authors and licensed under the MIT license unless otherwise noted.

Some files were originally released under another license. Those files and their license terms are listed under LICENSE-3RD-PARTY.txt.