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Userscripts for use with Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey/etc.

To install, click the script name and click “Raw”.

Script Description
Fuzzy Hearts Change “nn favorites” to other stuff
MeFi Comment Audit Tallies how much of a thread is you (by comment count and length)
Metafilter MultiFavorited Multiwidth Highlights multifavorited comments with bars whose width indicates the number of favorites
MetaFilter Scroll Tag Tracks your last-read comment in threads, and allows you to jump back to it easily
MyMefi Redirect Redirect from the Metafilter homepage to MyMefi when logged in
Mefi Reply Adds a links to make it easier to quote and link back to the comment you are replying to (works for Classic and Modern Mefi styles)
Mefi Spoiler Adds a shortcut to insert a spoiler into your comment
Gaurdian of the MeFi Galaxy Change instances of text Grauniad or Graun to Guardian
Mefi Deleted Posts Shows deleted posts on the Metafilter front page (works w/ Tampermonkey + Greasemonkey 3)
Mefi Deleted Posts (Restyled) Shows deleted posts on the Metafilter front page; alternate styling (works w/ Tampermonkey + Greasemonkey 3) example image
MefiQuote (for Modern themes) Adds customizable “quote” links to Metafilter comments (works w/ Tampermonkey + Greasemonkey 3 + 4)
MetaCheese Annotate mefi pages with indicators of poster and commenter “age”. Identify posts from nicely aged posters (like fine cheese) and newer users (like still awesome yummy newer cheese). NOTE: “Age” is calculated by user number and not completely reliable since some experienced users have newer alternate (sock puppet) accounts. (Works w/ Tampermonkey + Greasemonkey 3 + 4)
Mock Paginate Add the appearance of pages to threads. Visual change only (still have to wait for the full thread to load).
Mefi OSM Replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap in user profiles and IRL pages.


Due to their nature these browser extensions can’t simply be installed from Github like the userscripts. Instead, here’s a table of links to the Chrome and Mozilla sites for each respective extension.

Script Description
Calm MetaFilter Guides you through a deep breathing exercise before confirming your comment. Helpful for avoiding typos and needless arguing. Firefox/Chrome. (source)
Decent Activity A Chrome extension that shows you recent comments (faved or no) from your MeFi contacts. (source)
metafilter-navigator A rewrite of the original navigator script. Adds navigation links for authors with more than one comment. Highlights your comments. Firefox/Chrome. (source)
metafilter-favisualised A rewrite of the MultiFavorited Multiwidth script. Adds visual cues to comments to show the number of favourites. Works in all areas of the site that has comments. Firefox/Chrome. (source)
metafilter-favouriteers A rewrite of the Howl’s Of Outrage script. Click on the favourites link to see a list of people (up to 150 due to display limitations) who favourited the comment. Firefox/Chrome. (source)
metafilter-deletedposts A rewrite of the Deleted Posts script. Firefox/Chrome. (source)
Mute-a-Filter A less drastic “killscript” that de-emphasizes filtered users’ comments while still keeping them visible. Dark/classic themes only. Firefox/Chrome.


Bookmarklets installable as “javascript:” bookmarks.

To install, drag the link to your bookmarks bar.

Script Description
Is Linked Prompts the user for a link, then checks the comments in a thread to see if it has already been posted. Offers to jump to the comment if the link is found.
GraphFi A visualization/navigation tool. It displays a chart indicating the number of times a comment has been favorited and the reply/quoting relationships between comments. It also inserts anchor links and replies into the comment feed to assist with ‘threading’.

GraphFi was written by Charlie DeTar and is republished here to help with hosting. Here’s the original site and original source code.


Stylesheets installable by Stylish.